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Villa Sunset View is different from all the rest. Four spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite bathroom, plenty of places to laze around and a mesmerising view over the rice fields. The Villa is 100% barrier-free and easily accommodates nine people. Relax and cool down in the stepless infinity pool which is set in a beautiful garden, modern design and innovative architecture. 

From our guest book
Wonderful place and nice view with awesome pool near by . Preparation was good and arrangement of rooms / bathrooms all tidy and neat. Overall it was great and we enjoyed the most # (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Vimal Ramasamy from Malaysia, February 2020
It was a marvelous stay in this resort. Very warm atmosphere. The surrounding is safe and serene. Both male and female staff very positive and helpful. Will recommend. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Sharifah Alsagoff & family, February 2020
Dear Lovely Villa Sunset Team :-) Thank you for having us Thank you for take care of us Thank you for your kind souls With love Sabrina & David
by Sabrina & David Juchem-Lehnart (Oct 2022)
Thank you for the best stay! The Villa is very clean and well-kept by the staff. Thank you for making our stay a pleasant experience! Will definitly be back next time! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Lisha, Willy, Joyce, Raj, Louis, Ami from Singapore, February 2020
Had a great team retreat here! The staff is very helpful and polite, and the Villa is of course amazing. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Ricardo Adkings, January 2020
Thank you Villa Sunset View! The staff were so Kind and polite with us. All very organized, Rooms clean and the food was amazing. We hope to come back soon. Many Friends in Brazil who saw my Pictures in the Villa asked for the contact. You guys were perfect!!! Regards from Brazil!
by Fernando, Braulio, Carlinhos, Marcus, Gabriel from Brazil, January 2020
Thank you Sunset Villa, Bali! We had a wonderful stay. I would strongly recommend this place to my friends. Feby and Komang are super polite, friendly and efficient staff. They look well too. We loved the open livingroom design and the cleanliness. Morning began with play in the pool and evenings ended with play in the pool. Great place to look out. Five stars ***** (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Prateek Allapur & family from India, January 2020
We could not be more pleased with our stay and in the future we will definitely come again! We had a fantastic time in your villa. Thank your for making us so welcome and for treating us well with great hospitality. Thank you to the 2 staff members for taking great care of us und for always greeting us in the morning with a smile on their faces. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Jurijs Ivanovs, December 2019
Thank you so much. We had a fantastic time in your Villa. The staff were just amazing. Many, many hugs and kisses! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Jura, Julia, Latria, Anastasia, Vladimir from Russia, December 2019
This is such a "terrible" Villa because it is more comfortable than a lot of places in Bali - and it´s really hard to leave this place. Your hospitaly is memorable and we´re already planning our return. Thank you Shanti, Komang + Ketut. See you again :-) (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Muhammad Muhyiddin from Malaysia, December 2019
Thanks so much for your house. We loved the swimming pool, the breakfast, the rooms and the staff. Everything is just so nice here. See you again next time. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Chan Ying from China, November 2019
Terima kasih :-) Thank you <3 The review is written in Korean. Have a look at Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair!
by Jae Min Lee from Korea, November 2019
Thank you for the staff & patience for the music. We had an amazing time. The Villa design is incredible and perfect. Fantastico! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by The 4 guys from Hongkong, November 2019
Hola! We com from Hongkong 4 guys and myself (1 girl). We have the best time in this beautiful place. Thank you so much to the staff. They are very special people. We have so much fun and we hope to come back very soon. We just <3 Bali! Now is our last day and we take a breakfast after swimming in the pool. We give you 5 stars***** (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Angie from Costa Rica, November 2019
THANK YOU so much for opening this space to me. It is so beautiful welcoming ……. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Kaily Jade Hinchman, October 2019
A beautiful place and beautiful people. Thank you for letting us have a wonderful time. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Sandra and Jo, October 2019
What a perfect place to celebrate my 50th Birthday! Thank to my lovely friends and husband for making it so memerable. The story behind the Villa made it even more special. Micha Mair sounded like he had the Right approach to live …….. LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS. Thank you for Komang and Febi who made our stay so comfortable. They always had a friendly smile and nothing was to much Trouble. We won´t Forget Villa Sunset View. Hazel, Dave, Jennifer, Matt and Lucy from South Africa, Zambia, New Zealand an Australia (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Hazel, Dave, Jennifer, Matt & Lucy, September 2019
Thank you for Villa Sunset View. Very confortable and Relaxing. And one again thank you forthe staff for making a lovely breakfast and cleaned our Rooms. We had a party here with friends. Memories that can´t be forgotten! Laurens Ros & friends from the Netherlands (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Laurens Ros, September 2019
Faboulos Villa, we´ve enjoyed this Sanctuary, the sunsets, the massages and the cooking course at KTS. Eating out in Canggu has been very enjoyable too. Many thank to Komang and Febi for the yum breakfasts. Love Stephen + Christine + Graham + Catronia from New Zealand (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Stephen, Christine, Graham & Catronia, August 2019
Thank you Shanti. Thank you Komang and Febi. Great place! Great stay! Exciting! Beautiful! Jimmy, Nichlas, Ruys, Zephron, Benjamin and Keith from China (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Jimmy, Nichlas, Ruys, Zephron, Benjamin & Keith, August 2019
What an amazing place! We truly enjoyed Bali as well as spending our time in the Villa. Komang was awesome and went the extra mile. Her breakfasts were delicious. We truly made some great memories from a proposal to late night drinking! Till next time Bali! Diare, Swilma, Chris, Taylor, Steve & Jaduia from USA (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Diare, Swilma, Chris, Taylor, Steve & Jadzia, July 2019
Thank you for the amazing Villa and for the staff Komang and Feby. We enjoyed our time here so much. Clement, Alexander, Kaonang & Fried (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by The Boys from Jakarta, July 2019
I with my family really enjoyed our stay in Bali. All family members had a Gala time in the poo, very well maintened. All the staff were very cooperative and helpful. I would definetly recommend others to come. Even my uncle in the wheelchair went in the pool comfortable. God bless Micha and his family. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Sid & family, June 2019
Firstly we would like to say a massive thank you to Micha and his family für allowing us to share in this wonderful experience. Without Micha and his innovative our son would not have been able to share this experience. We are from Adelaide, Australia. I´m a C/4 Quadriplegic. I have really appreciated getting in the pool, your home is amazing. It is very hard to get accomodation for a wheelchair. We could really understand Michas Story and why he loved Bali. I´m very sad that you lost your son so early, but thank you for building this place in honor. The staff were very helpful and friendly and only to happy to do what we asked.It was great to have a massage in your home. It was great to meet the owners. Thank you to Michas family for building this Villa and the vision Micha had. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Pauline, Joh, Nikk & Alok - June 2019
Thank you for a very relaxing and enjoyable stay at Villa Sunset View. We had a lovely holiday. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Brendan, Renae, Logan + Sienna, Andrew + Carter - June 2019
Thank you for the great stay at Villa Sunset View. I had a great time Swimming in the pool and the Service was amazing. The beds were very comfortable and Relaxing. Thank you for a great time. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Carter, June 2019
Thanks for a excellent relaxing place to chill out and rest. The pool was amazing and so was the food. It felt like luxerious Hotel, we all had al great stay here. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Sienna, June 2019
Thanks a bunch to the staff and maids, who made us breakfast and cleaned our rooms. Plus, the house was very relaxing and the pool was great tempreture and awesome to swim in. Thank you. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Logan, June 2019
Villa Sunset View is a really nice place to stay. During our stay everything was perfect. Thank to all the staff for their cleaning during our stay. Thanks for everything! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Guests from France, May 2019
I read the story of Micha + making Villa Sunset View. I appreciate the family of Micha for making this great Villa. So people from all over the world can come to visit Bali. The staff are great and very helpful. We would like to say a big Thank You to Micha + Family + we pray to God that Micha will Rest in Peace. No complains at all. Love to come back.:-) (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Guests from India, May 2019
Thank you for a fabulous stay. We had a Wonderful, relaxing time in this beautiful house + Beautiful Country. Thank you to the staff for taking such good care of us. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Guests from Australia, May 2019
Thank you for creating this wonderful spiritual place. It was so worth to come here from the other end of the world. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by The Canadians - Vanessa & Celia, March 2019
Thank you for your hospitility. It was very nice to stay here and get a lot of wonderful emotions. The Villa is beautifu and very comfortable. The staff is very helpful and nice. So, holiday was wonderful. A lot of thanks to Agus, Komang and Feby. We would like to return to this place. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Anastasia, Igor & Nikita - February 2019
The stay at Villa Sunset View was great! We enjoyed our time here so much. Thank you! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Fam. Bokelmann, January 2019
We were having a great time here, thanks to your warm hospitality. The breakfast was delicious and the pool was nice, not to forget the sunset view. See you next time, bye bye. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Kel. Iswanto, December 2018
Very grateful to be back in a barrier free invironement. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Norbert Horschmann, November 2018
We love Villa Sunset View. Great place to stay for Family, very spacious and amazing pool. We´re definetely going to remember this place. <3 (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by The Wijayonto´s, October 2018
Amazing Villa, staff were very nice, we loved the pool. We´re all sad to leave. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Teriyaki Boys, September 2018
This amazing Villa was a California Girls Dream. Thank you for the awesome service, beautiful decor and of course the legendary infinity pool. We`ll remember the time we had and definetely tell a few friends back home. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by The California Girls, August 2018
Highly recommended! Villa Sunset View is the best Villa <3 (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Mary, Popo & Leo - August 2018
Thank you Villa Sunset View for another wonderful stay <3 <3 <3 <3 - our second time staying here. Komang and Feby looked after us very well. They are so helpful, friendly and professional in their Jobs. We will definitely come back for a third stay. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Wendy, Michael, Alex & Maddy - July 2018
Thank you to the staff of Villa Sunset View. They were very polite, the rooms clean, and we found the Villa suited our needs very well. It was nice to be away from the Kaos of Seminyak and Kuta, and it is nice and quiet here. On Sunday`s you hear the beautiful voices of the church opposite! Thanks again for an enjoyable stay. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Tania, Sandra, Paul and Steve, June 2018
We had such an amazing stay here. We didn`t wann leave anymore. We actually Extended our stay because it felt like home for us! Thank you so much for Building this tiny paradise here!!! Thank you!! :) And to our company in the villa Komang: Thank you very, very much for taking care of us during our whole stay ..... Thank you!! :) (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Janrik & Dennis, April 2018
We have had an incredible stay at Villa Sunset View. The villa is beautiful - perfect place to chill. Win, Komang and Agung were so kind and helpful. They didn`t hasitate to go the extra mile for us. We would love to come back someday. Thank you for everything and Happy New Year! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Natalie, Daniel, Chfoe, Ben, Ali, Sam, Jored + Emma - January 2018
Probably one of the most beautiful villa we´ve all ever stayed in Bali! Even though it´s only a short time, we´ve made such great memories from our stay. Not to mention the great und humble service provided in this stay; than you Bu Komang and Bu Agung and Pak Win too! We´ll be back hopefully for our next family trip ahead! And Lng Live Micha! He will be always remembered. Great job! (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Hidayat Family (Jakarta, Indonesia), Nabila (San Diego, USA), Barkah (Seattle, USA), Alfira (Guildford, UK), Renatta (Paris, France), Kareyca (Perth, Australia), 2017
Beautiful Villa with a nice story behind. Super View! Perfect Service! A big "Thank You" to Chris and his team!!! From the first contact until leaving our booked villa the service, support and help couldn't be better. The reaction time from Chris was extremely quick - always less than an hour - and in case a problem was there he was extremely flexible and found a solution or alternative immediately! The Villa Sunset we get introduced from Chris is a dream. Beautiful view, amazing pool and the villa itself and its own little story is also great. The stuff working there every day gave you absolutely privacy, so we could enjoy our time without the feeling to be observed! The destination is very quiet and only 13 min from lovely Echo beach. Was always nice to drive with the scooter there (quit road through the rice fields and small villages). If you don't want to drive on your own, a driver incl. car is available ... But I love drive scooter . Anyhow, we loved this place and will definitely come back. And for sure with Chris and his team! Thanks again. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Olli & Hong, May 2016
The villa is very beautiful, comfortable, safe and light. We all have a good time here. This place is good for celebrating, anniversaries and birthdays parties. And also it has a very beautiful and touching story. Thanks to all the staff and management. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View- Micha Mair)
by Elder and Lena, 2016
A wonderful time in Villa Sunset View is slowly coming to an end for me. I had a ball staying here! (And this is not just in the pool.) I feel very privileged to be the first guest in the house. Depending on a wheelchair for the last 21 years of my life it has been great to get from the pool to the shower, from the car to my bed and from the Bale to the kitchen without having to ask anybody for help. I like to thank the Mair family for their extraordinary hospitality and welcome me in such a beautiful loving way. Thank you to the staff for doing everything to ensure that there is nothing left to do for me, but enjoying life. (Facebook: Villa Sunset View - Micha Mair)
by Norbert Horschmann, August 2015